This OK for a wedding?

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  1. I'm going to a wedding at the end of this month, starts at 3pm at a winery (reception at 5pm). I've read that it's OK to wear black to a wedding depending on the dress style, location, time, etc. Please let me know if either of these dress are appropriate for a wedding. I usually live in jeans and t-shirts and rarely ever wear dresses so these 2 dresses are basically my only options. I would rather not have to buy another dress because I'm trying to save money.

    Thanks for your help!

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  2. both are cute! maybe you can add a red belt to the t-shirt dress, wear a different colored cardi with the second dress or pair either with different colored shoes/purses?
  3. I'd wear the first one with different shoes and dressy jewelry.
  4. Both are lovely dresses but I'd wear something more colorful and feminine if it's a summer wedding....
  5. The first one looks like something I would wear to work. I like the second one better.
  6. I like the first one, and I think a coloured belt could brighten it up nicely. It is a more summer-like dress, and it creates a more flattering silhouette, IMO.
  7. I like the second one...maybe if you put it with different colour shoes and purse/bag, it would brighten in up for the wedding!!!
  8. The second dress with silver heels or really almost any different coloured heels. If not, change the cardigan to a brightly coloured wrap. The first one I think is a bit too casual.
  9. ^I agree, the first dress is not fancy enough for a wedding. The second one will be perfect. Maybe with an elegant, fun wrap instead of the cardigan. Something purple or silver would like nice with the dress.
  10. if you wear the first dress:

    -try to find a skinny belt in a bright color, and wear matching bright color pumps. dont forget pearls or fun jewerly

    if you wear the seccond dress:

    -switch the cardigan for something brighter and wear fun or pearls.
  11. I agree with everyones suggestions. You do need a pop of color somewhere in each dress.
  12. For sure #2 ...If you want wear black shoes try add some nice color clutch and jewerly ...dsnt have to be expensive ... go to forever21 or H&M .Few dolars can make this dress totaly different . Is worth it.
  13. I think they are both cute actually... I agree w/everyone else, put a pop of color in w/them!
  14. #2 is your best bet, and add some color and dressy jewelry!
  15. i'd definitely go with #2. #1 is more workplace than wedding IMO.