This new stuff is killing me!

  1. all this new signature stripe stuff is making me insane!
    i am not going to a store so i have to wait till it comes online,and well i'm waiting and waiting....:whistle:and so my problem is that i cannot decide whether i like the tote or the "speedy" and then of course i could always go to the outlets and wait till the old stuff comes in but i can't wait!:nuts: when are they gonna put it online?!
    disclaimer-it's probably better that they don't because then i won't buy anything....:angel:
  2. I know ! I am going tomorrow afternoon. Just to look, I already bought too much this year.
  3. do you have pictures of the new stuff ?
  4. back a couple of pages you will find a thread (think by Krispin) with lots of photos!!