This New Sig Stripe Tote Carries a Ton! PICS!

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  1. Ladies,

    I thought I'd show you the new larger signature stripe tote with all my stuff in it. It's amazing how much room is in this bag--I can even still fit a water bottle and iPod (not pictured) and kid snacks.

    I'm going to use the applique flower bag as my 'boost bag' when I just need to run into the store or something else...

    I also like to keep my wallet in the inside zipper pocket of my bags so I don't have to worry about it getting slipped out of my bag...

    I'm really loving this tote. If you've got lots of stuff you like to carry, you might want to consider it!:yahoo:
    tote_in (Large).JPG tote_out (Large).JPG tote_front (Large).JPG sigtote3 (Large).JPG
  2. WOW!!!:dothewave:
  3. Wow that bag holds a lot!
  4. wow, that is a lot! nice!!
    (i love your red patenet phone - *kicking myself for not getting it*)
  5. Thanks for sharing. The bag is cute and holds a ton....thats right up my alley!
  6. I just saw them at the you have one close by--that's where I got mine!
  7. wow! you could fit your kids in there! (i mean, if you have kids)
  8. Very nice!! Are the straps comfortable with a lot in it?

    And that phone charm is too cute!!
  9. Oh I love your bag!!
  10. Gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. Very impressive! I'm liking it!! :tup:
  12. Its amazing. The bag carries so much but doesn't look bulky at all. Its great - congratulations on a great addition to your collection.
  13. You know, I'm pretty sure that, with a little wrangling, I could cram a twin in each corner, but it might break the straps!

    And the temper tantrum that would be sure to follow wouldn't be worth the effort!:p
  14. Wow. It looks great. Especially with the legacy lining. And you're so neat and organized. :biggrin:
  15. Wow, I can't believe how much that bag holds. I was just looking at one yesterday! I might have to go back and pick it up! Thanks for posting the pics!!!