This new Juicy Couture looks like a stam

  1. without the gold chain, I saw it the other day at Marshall Fields and it is a lot lighter than the stam. The inside is gorgeous though, it's purple satin

  2. lol I remember when I first saw Juicy's little quilted bowler for the first time (This Juicy made me do a Double-Take, lol.). I think someone on the board has one and I think it looked a lot cuter in real life!
  3. Oh I see what you mean !! Juicy does knock off some stuff, like how one of their hobos looked like the Gucci horsebit hobo.. or how they had bags that looked almost identical to the Luella bags. The thing is, they aren't all that mid priced anymore, and the quality of leather and materials is not so great - it's kind of disappointing really.

    I do like the daydreamers though !