this never stops?

  1. OK. here i go.

    i am returning my mini lin bucket..and will finally exchange it for the damier belem pm...

    sigh..i've been going back and forth :crybaby:took me 2 weeks to start using the bag..then took it to school, everything's fine, then when i used it to go out..omg everyone didn't like it..that kind of influenced me a bit because i started going to elux again and stared at the belem pm like every night..

    damier, im back again!
  2. That's what happened with my BDay gift, a Damier Speedy 25. I loved it, and still do, but the more I looked at it, the more I felt like it wasn't me. I ended up exchanging it for a green perfo speedy, which I love, but the other day, I was sitting at the cafe looking at it and thought, hmmm...maybe I should have gotten the fuschia.

    It never does end.
  3. Haha THE GREEN IS GORGEOUS!!! but how much was the perfo speedy if u dont mind me asking?
  4. LOL!!!! I know what you mean! After you get one bag, you will always like another one better. Always!!!
  5. I love the belem PM such a fab shape:heart:
  6. :wtf: You kill me rensky! :lol:

    Go for the Belem PM - I have it and it's TDF! :love:
  7. I really like the Belem, both PM and GM. Go for it!
  8. this is like the 3rd time in a row that i've bought something and exchanged for something else :rolleyes:
  9. the more i need to get it now :graucho:

  10. Do your research first, buy later is my advice:lol:
  11. :upsidedown::lol:

  12. I kind of know what you mean. My first LV was the Franges white MC speedy. I fell in love with that bag and dreamt of it for weeks until I finally was able to negotiate with my DH and buy it. Then I fell in love with the Perfo in fuschia and managed to get that, but now I look at the Franges and even though I still like it, I constantly think about all the other LVs I could have had for the price! I sometimes feel guilty for using the Perfo more--and for the pfer who inquired about the perfo's price, it was 1200.
  13. OOooo...what happened ??

    you were so keen on getting on ahead from Damier...oh..well....I'm sure there's gonna be something to lure you away!
  14. i just didn't feel it was very structured...when i sit the bag on a flat surface the linen kinda crunches up..i don't like the feeling that i'll see creases over time...! :crybaby:

  15. I agree, It never ends. I obsessed about the Damier Alma until I got it, then the romance wore off quick and I returned it one week later. I ended up with a white MC trouville. Now I am on a purse ban for a long, long time. Let's see how long I make it.