This mystery Clutch is confusing me!!!???

  1. I am calling this clutch the mystery clutch!! I've e-mailed this pic to my SA and she said it's the Motard clutch in black but the lighting makes it look navy blue. I don't think it's the Motard clutch.first it doesn't have the "curduoy like" vertical riveting lines like the Motard.. it looks like a glossy leather.. and secondly it is CLEARLY navy blue against Carine Roitfeld's (Editor of French Vogue) black outfit..

    I have to have this clutch but HELP... what is it??!! :confused1:
  2. can't resize pic.. it says it's too large to upload
  3. I think I know the one you mean it is the motard but that version is a press piece you won't be able to buy it but I've seen more deatiled pics of it and the black version that will be in stores is nicer
  4. thank u sooo much for the reply Label Addict although my question was picture-less!

    so no navy blue clutch? it will only come out in black and silver?
  5. No sadly no navy blue sometimes press pieces pop up on eBay but they are very rare.

    There is only black with silver hardwear ( no silver coloured bag not sure if that's what you mean)

    I think there is also a pink (with alligator) version but have no further conformation on this if you want to see them click the word timeline below and scroll down
  6. Label addict .. I can't thank u enough for ur help!!! atleast now I know that it is navy blue that Carine is carrying!
  7. no problem at all happy to help where I can
  8. It is a lovely bag.
  9. I have seen photos of that version of the Motard Pochette in Vog here too:yes: I am waiting for the motard pochette to arrive .... I thought it had gold hardware???
  10. I asked my SA thats the motard pochette in exotic leather trim !! It will be released with a price tag of USD 4500 ! They also comes in the color combo of the exotic biker.. !!
  11. ^^the one I have seen the photo of has the same strap but the front of the bag is longer like the limelight clutch ... the exotic motard won't be released here in Aus. I can't wait for the motard pochette to arrive have seen IRL..what do you think??
  12. I guess the regular Motard doesn't come in Perle/Jaune huh...
    The alligator one's $13,5...*sigh*


  13. I have saw a motard pochette IRL but havent seen the exotics yet.. and am still thinking if I should get one in Perle/Jaune, I originally have my name down for the noir.. but my SA says that I would love the Perle/Jaune ( a little too pricy IMO.. feels a little weird ordering something I havent seen before ) .. so far I havent heard anything abt the purple one yet.. but I will call and find out.. !!
  14. I am still 100% convinced that the clutch of the French Vogue editor is not the Motard Pochette, the materials&texture are different. It is something else.