This must have been meant to be!

  1. One of my colleagues is from Chicago and was home at Christmas shopping at the outlet. She bought herself two bags and has decided that one of them just isn't her style. I drooled over it when I first saw it and I've been wanting a black bag. The blue lining really grabbed me and the blue inner handles are unique.

    According to the tag this is a Hamptons Stripe Medium Carryall.

    So I grabbed this for what she paid at the outlet!

    Here she is - she is now mine! (had to borrow this pic from eBay since I don't have my camera with me):


    I am so banned for a while now!
  2. she is gorgeous! glad you got her!
  3. yes it is meant to be... very pretty.. How much is it at the outlet? TIA
  4. Very pretty! Congratulations!
  5. I like that bag, congratulations. Very nice.
  6. Beautiful bag!:tup:
  7. It was $150 at the outlet back in December
  8. cute.. congrats! :tup:
  9. Congrats!
  10. Beautiful...congrats!
  11. Wow I've never seen that bag before! IT's so classy looking!
  12. Congrats, it's gorgeous!!!
  13. I just love a classic black leather bag. Great price too. Congrats!
  14. Congrats on a great bag for a great price!:tup:
  15. I like it a lot! The blue on the handles is very pretty!