This must be the new ad campaign !

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  1. ok, i dont like antyhing except for the colour palette :p:tdown:
  2. since i'm no fan of the collection, i'm quite surprised that i find the advert pretty alright.
  3. Based on the one picture I would say I am intrigued. Although, I am no fan of fuschia :p
  4. looks good...
  5. ITA, love the colors but don't really care for the bags. (which is a good thing cause I don't need to buy any more bags)

  6. ITA except for that - every girl ALWAYS NEEDS to buy more bags !:tup:;)
  7. ^ You are such an enabler nat, that's why I love TPF. You guys always validate my purchases.

  8. of course we do !:yes: one of the reasons being we need validations as well hihihi i think we are sort of reversed bagoholics anonymous :tup: