This must be a dept store exclusive...

  1. I saw a cotton chocolate and white slimtote today with the big c's like the Carly's that are like that, but a slim tote at Macy's. It was cute but it seemed a bit loud for me. I also tried on a large khaki Carly with ebony trim - love it ! Also someone had returned a whisky Mandy to the boutique that doesn't carry a lot of that legacy leather stuff so I got to see one IRL. It was nice but it was a bit heavy but gorgeous. Sorry , this thread started out about one specific thing, now I am rambling ! So sad, I wish I could buy something but I am on a purse ban - sigh ! I got a phone call for PCE but no card, otherwise I would have given it to a fellow TPFr.
  2. I LOVE the Slim tote! Too expensive for me though. How much was it at Macys?


    I want it though! :sad:

    And I do believe it is deptartment store exclusive.

    :sad: No PCE...
  3. It was exactly that price ! IDK why it is so expensive but It is really cute ! I love the oxford strip, the leather ones and the signature (i saw a pic of one somewhere) It is a great style bag and looks so cute with scarves !
  4. I think that's the one rethreads just got. She has a pic posted somewhere around here. I think it was a dept store exclusive.
  5. Yep, i ordered that one. I stopped in at Macy's yesterday and visited it. I absolutely LOVE it!! I had my SA order it for me and even though it is a department store exclusive, he was able to order and give me the PCE discount :smile: It came up to 475.00 after tax here.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. Gorgeous. Do you have any pictures with you modeling it?
  8. You know, I was going to take a picture at macy's yesterday LOL but the SA was kinda wierd about me scoping out the purses without purchasing to begin with. Anywhoo... the purse is actually in transit to my house and should be here on tuesday at the latest. I will post pics AS SOON as it arrives! :smile: