This months Maire Claire

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  1. have the grey suede bays and gray suede bays clutch which looks lovely as a shoulder bag.
  2. I saw those in the new Look Book. Gorgeous colour! :drool:
  3. Oooh grey, is that one they haven't released yet? I like the sound of it!
  4. ooh...:useless:

  5. Sorry about the quality of these are photos I took them directly from the pages of the mag!



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  6. Either that first model is TINY or the new Bays is HUGE!! :biggrin:
  7. I was thinking exactly that haha
  8. I love that clutch!!
  9. Suede is a lovely tactel leather but on handles its going to darken really quickly and could even peel and wear away.
    Think they shoud make the bays with blending leather handles and the strips down the front and bacside of bays also. also anything grease/oil is a no no for suede. Also not forgetting rain.
  10. That grey bays clutch actually looks very nice... didn't think I would like the grey.. and that the bays clutch would be a bit dull in that colour... wonder how the emerald will look then??? (or the leopard one..hehe). It will be a tough A/W I think...
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    Oh dear god, I love both bags! This will be doomed for my bank account. I wonder when they are going to update the Mulberry website with all the new stocks. I would love to see them close up.

    Btw can someone please tell me, is the pics from Marie Claire UK? which issue?