This month's instyle magazine

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  1. There is a picture of a dooney on page 184 of the newest instyle magazine. It's 348.00 but it doesn't have the name of the bag. Just the dooney website address. I looked at the website and cannot find the bag. It has a flap and it's its a British tan looking co,or with dog leash clasps on either side. I love this bag and I have to know which one it is!!
    Thanks for any help you can offer!
  2. Can you send a pic of the ad? I don't think Dooney has an ad in the April Instyle. Tobi lambskin was last month, but that's not $348
  3. It's may's issue! Sorry!
  4. And its on sale!!!
  5. What do you think about it in general and as an everyday bag?
  6. its a great bag, perfect size. You can also modify the strap to wear it a few different ways.
  7. the natural is cheaper on ILovedooney. it's $219
  8. that's a good deal!
  9. It's a pretty bag. I really like the heavy duty strap. I saw it at the outlet store in Aurora, but it seemed like it might be a bit small. I don't remember how much the discount was either.
  10. I don't want small. I really need a good medium sized bag for everyday. Wah!
  11. update: found the medium on zappos in the color that I want. yay! I also have $100.00 worth of zappos coupons so the bag cost 298.00. my only concern is that it may be too heavy. (without anything in it weighs 2.7 lbs)...i'll see what it feels like with my stuff in it.... thanks so much for all the help! will keep you posted when the bag arrives!

  12. Great! What color did you get? Please post pictures when you get it. Thanks! I really like this bag.