This month is my birthday....FIRST TPF QUICK REVEAL

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    Originally planned to just order this online at LV

    Then saw this the next week and ordered her preloved

    But THIS is my HG purse and I had to have her! Found her in mint condition:cloud9:[​IMG]

    I wanted to accessorize my WC speedy 35 right away :cutesy: so I got this too[​IMG]

    :cloud9: Heaven, Happy!

    Now off I the "I am banned" clubhouse. :lol:
  2. Love your Speedy w/ the matching scarf! To die for!
    Don't worry, I am president of that clubhouse. I make good mixed drinks though. :happydance:
  3. Beautiful water colour :smile:
  4. all very nice...enjoy that beautiful watercolor. I LVOE mine...where did you find the scarf.
  5. Great finds! Congratulations!
  6. Well hello Ms. President! I might need that drink cuz I have to stay in the clubhouse for a year:lol:

    Thank you!

    Thank you! Found the scarf at fashionphile and thanks to Lee...I don't have to send it back:biggrin:
  7. congrats on all your LV's -- very nice!
  8. wow, what a haul, congrats
  9. Fabulous finds! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. Thank you ladies! I will definitely enjoy them for years to come;)
  11. Happy birthday!
    Great color!
  12. If u don't mind me asking-how much was your watercolour speedy? It is my HG bag as well. Enjoy!
  13. I'm SOOOOO jealous of your Watercolor Speedy. She is my total HG bag too, but I haven't been able to afford her yet. Congrats!!
  14. gorgeous finds! congrats aaaand Happy birthday :tender:
  15. Lol about clubhouse, wonderful haul, and happy bday