This might provide some info on fake Bacas

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  1. The only thing that looks odd to me is the wrinkling leather on that bag. My initial reaction would be to say it is fake and came from instead of Gustto.

    The label looks fine, see the photo of my label.

    I do agree, it is hard to know what to look for in authenticity of a Baca, other than leather texture.

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  2. I said this before, and I notice it here - I think the linings of the fake bags (the ones on iOffer and even this one) look too yellow - the actual Gustto lining is more of a gold-ish color. Also, are the inner zipper pockets always trimmed (or outlined) like your bag are? Becuz that one on ebay isn't. That might be a very good way to detect a fake bag.
  3. I agree it looks fake, but there was one that's sold out (I think the picture's still up) on lunaboston that had that really wrinkly look too.
  4. I agree that the texture is funny.

    Also, look at the leather zipper pull. It looks like it was cut from an entirely different colored/textured piece of leather...

    I believe this was discussed before, and correct me if I'm wrong, BUT I think we have decided that all Baca's DO NOT have metal interior zippers, right? That plastic one looks so cheesy to me, but I don't think you can use the interior zipper to authenticate... right?
  5. Is is only Bacas that you're referring to? Becuz my Setela has a gold zipper pull inside - it's not plastic.

    Do you see what I was referring to about the lining. I think this could be one really good way to weed out some of the fakes - look at the bags on iOffer - now look at the pics of the auth bags posted on TPF. See how the linings of the iOffer bags are a paler shade of yellow, and how the authentic ones are more of a gold-toned yellow?

    And what about the leather outline around the inner zipper pocket? Are all Baca's outlined like that? Becuz the one on ebay wasn't and ladysalesrep's was.
  6. I bought a bag at a sample sale from Gustto and it had wrinkly leather... and the lining was the gold/yellow bengaline, as well.

    I know most won't believe me on this one, but sometimesyou do get a few weirdos selling AUTHENTIC crap on Ioffer.
  7. hey all well mine is from the sample sale and has a yellow metal zipper and no lining around it :smile: SOOOO i dont think thats a way to tell authenticity cause mine is for sure authentic and has no outline around the zipper OR a normal metal colored zipper (but it isnt plastic)-sry camera phone pic

  8. wow - the variety of ways they make these bags! Some have gold zippers, some plastic yellow ones. Some have leather trimmed pockets, some don't. Some have wrinkled leather, some are bumpier. The only noticeable difference I've seen is in the color of the linings. All those bags on iOffer have yellow lining - not gold - yellow. All auth Gusttos I've seen are either all gold or gold/black. Other than this, I'm at a loss on how to tell an auth Gustto from a fake. You'd probably have to see and feel it in person in order to tell for sure.

    Think I'll stick to sellers I know or retail websites for any Gustto bags I might buy in the future.
  9. Wow, thanks for the pic Bessie. I knew we had discussed that interior zipper before.

    It's too bad there wasn't a little more consistency with Gustto bags...

    I'd like to order a fake just to look at it and feel it... then return it. That might be the only way we're gonna get some answers!