This might make you GREEN with envy..

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  1. Love the bag, that color is absolutely awesome!! So beautiful and I am green with envy!

    Thanks for the reveal and the info on the smaller ones in December.
  2. That is a great shade of green! Very nice; congrats!
  3. I really like the color of that one....congratulations on your newest addition
  4. that is an absolutely gorgeous bag!!
  5. Somehow....Someway.....this will be mine! This is the best looking travel-type Coach bag I've EVER seen. Green's my favorite color, too! Thanks for the pictures and Congrats!!!:biggrin:
  6. Look what I found.....


    Smaller Bleeker Business Tote in Kelly Green!

    This is going to be hard to resist. :love:
  7. I know! I saw it on the foreign sight but it wouldn't let me order it :/ I thought it would be nice to get since the weekender is so huge! Hopefully they release them to the US soon.
  8. LOVING these; I don't know which I like more, the green or the chili. They are both so beautiful.
  9. Oh, so pretty. I love green, too. I hope the smaller one shows up in the U.S. I really want this bag!
  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
  11. that is a beautiful green !
  12. Gorgeous! Love the Bleecker totes!
  13. Another Closet to raid!!!! LOL
    Another Great color in the Weekend Tote!
    Very Pretty!!!!

    Lynne :smile:
  14. Love this bag...especially the color! Congrats!
  15. Love your new weekend tote!

    WOW, the kelly green is stunning. SOOOO much prettier than the stock photo.

    Enjoy and wear in good health!
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