This might make you GREEN with envy..

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  1. Gorgeous! Congrats on your new weekend tote ! What a lovely shade of green, enjoy:smile:
  2. This is a nice bag!! I'm convinced its too big for me though. I love the marine color thats out now. But your kelly green and chili ones are TDF!!
  3. Nice color & style!
  4. Love the color, it's stunning!
  5. Did you see they are making the smaller version in a bunch of new colors coming out in December? I think there was Ocean, Lime, Sand, Olive.. Maybe that would be a better size for you. I agree its kinda big.. lol but the colors just suck me in! :P
  6. I would love this bag in a smaller size!! Will it look exactly the same just smaller? I carry a bag everyday everywhere I go and I feel like this might look TOO big on me, plus at my store we have like no room to put our bags.
  7. Wow....I love the bag in any color, but really like this green. Nice for fall.
  8. Yes, It looks the same, just smaller. It has a shoulder strap too. The style is 70600. I think the black is out now, but the other colors will come out later in December! It's worth a shot. It's a bit more of an everyday size. We have a HUGE back room, so we have plenty of room for our bags. We are spoiled :smile:
  9. I'll have to look into this bag. I was actually thinking of getting the American Icon 19997 in elephant for a big tote bag. What do you think of this....have you seen them?
  10. Oh yes! That's a nice bag too. The grey is really pretty, I also like the cherry and emerald. That would be a nice tote bag for sure.
  11. Have you heard of any more Carolines or Carries coming?
  12. Love that color! Congrats!
  13. Oh my that's awesome. I love green, I mean really love green! Fabulous, congrats!!:biggrin:
  14. Great bag... and that color is divine!!! I love greens!
  15. Wow, that is just as beautiful as I hoped. I would love to see a nice selection of women's small bags in that color (since I already have my big Bleecker tote :biggrin:).

    The men's line is getting the best colors! (Chili, marine, kelly, grape....)