This might make you GREEN with envy..

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  1. Haha hopefully not... Just thought it was a clever title. So I've been bad again and made another purchase. I couldn't help myself. The color is just AMAZING!! I have a bit of an obsession with this bag haha. Anyone up for a Friday night reveal? Here's a hint.. Nothing new, just the color!! :smile:


  2. Yes, yes, yes!!! lol...:graucho:
  3. I'm here!! Let's see!!
  4. Love it already. Lets see the rest!
  5. I'm patiently waiting!
  6. another Bleecker weekend tote????
  7. So yes it is ANOTHER weekend tote! Haha but the Kelly Green is just stunning! It is darker than the stock photo for sure but it is burnished so nicely! Ahhh! I can't wait to use it!! :smile: So here it is, incase anyone was curious of the color. It looks different under different light too.




  8. I LOVE it!!! I love this color, Chili is tempting too...

    Can I ask you if the handles are long enough to fit over the shoulder comfortably?
  9. I love both equally. I can't pick a favorite between my weekend totes. Haha

    The handles do fit fine but slide off occasionally. It's not comfortable for long periods of time. If I have a coat on or thick sweater it won't fit. Keep in mind I'm a guy and have broad shoulders.
  10. Thanks, I think its a great bag to own. Congrats on your growing collection!!
  11. Beautiful green and yes I am green with envy, to have two of these totes is amazing plus they are my 2 favoriate colors. Enjoy them!
  12. Congrats, Mr. Coachie! Excellent choices all around on both bags!
  13. That green is fantastical. :smile:
  14. Beautiful!!! Congrats!!
  15. Green bags are my downfall. This is simply gorgeous and I wish you well in carrying it! Thanks for sharing.