this might be a stupid question...

  1. but you guys would know better than anyone! is grey still available from BalNY? :confused1: or is that a retired colour? i know anthracite is available, but thats too blue for me...i want just plain old grey.
  2. There might still be some Grey Bbags available in BalNY or any one of the US Bbag retailers (Nieman Marcus, some Saks, etc.), but it's not a color that's offered in the S/S '07 line of handbags. Check out, the Bbag bible owned and maintained by tPF's very own Louisey Peasey, to see the different color palettes Balenciaga offered per season.

    Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. thanks for the info that helps! i'm hearing the grey i'm looking for was an 05 colour...i'm keeping my eyes peeled on eBay..
  4. Your best bet is to just call them. They won't think it's stupid especially if you are looking for a particular style. I believe I saw a post about them having an 06 Grey shopper available, but they may have more that just haven't been posted.

    Their number is 212 206 0872, then press 2 to speak to a SA.

    I wish you well,

  5. thanks bridget!!