This might be a silly question - water bottles in bags????

  1. I love my big bags so I am very careful what I put in them - the result being that I still lug things in my hands, too. I keep reading that people put their water bottles in their bags. For instance, the poor woman whose bottle leaked all over her bag in another post. For those of you who are brave and tote your water in your tote, like a smart person, how do you do it without getting your bag all wet??? A bag within a bag or what?
  2. I always carry a water bottle inside my handbag and have never experienced leakage. Even if there was a leak, water dries clear and usually does not cause too much damage to the inside of the handbag. You just have to make sure the cap is on tight before putting your bottle into your handbag.
  3. I have no qualm about putting a small bottle of water (like those 12 oz plastic bottles of Dasani) in my bag. I just have to make sure that the cap is screwed on tight and the bottle is at room temperature (no condensation on outside).
  4. i just make sure i close the cap tight.. and i try to have it standing upright when possible.
  5. I have a friend that put the wrong cap on a water bottle and the entire inside of her Louis Bat Horizontal was soaked as well as her phone, Treo and various other electronics.

    Since then I carry water seperately.
  6. I carry water bottles around in my bags, but I've considered starting to think about carrying a small plastic bag for when I buy water so that I would be safe in case of a leakage. I already carry around a plastic bag in my LV in case of rain, so I guess I'm a bit paranoid.
  7. I usually just carry them in my bag and make sure the cap is screwed on really tight, but a friend of mine wraps her water bottles in the plastic bag you get from the grocery store.
  8. I don't carry water bottles in bags that cost over $500. It's just not worth the trouble worrying about whether there might be leakage. I keep my bottle in the car, in the office and in my hands on the way to class.
  9. I have a little water carrier pouch from Lancel :biggrin: Otherwise, I tend to guzzle water so there never really is any to carry around.
  10. i almost always carry two sippy cups with water for my kids and i just make sure to screw the lids on tight. i'm probably jinxing myself but so far i haven't had any problems, even when there's some moisture from condensation it dries quickly. i really only have brown and black bags though, i'm not sure what i would do with a lighter color that might show a stain...
  11. When I was carrying a diaper bag with a bottle holder (and a wipe clean lining), I didn't mind toting my one year old's bottle or a coke or a water, but now, the kids (and my husband) are not even allowed to smile at my bag du jour. I would like to find a middle ground. I feel rather foolish carrying a big half empty bag and juggling two sippies, one bottle, and a drink for me. Maybe bags are like cars, one accident is all that it takes. After that, one no longer parks at the end of the lot to avoid dings.
  12. i carry a liter of water with me whenever i leave the house and always put it in my bag. i wipe it off with a towel when i fill it and make sure the cap is on tight, but it still leaked once. it dried clear except the leather seam trim on my speedy got a teensy bit darker. it'll even out and even if it doesn't it's not that big a deal. (i feel the same way about rain, the ground, etc) i figure i buy my bags to use them and this is how my life is. *shrug*