This might be a dumb question...

  1. But does the JPG come in Toile?????

    does anyone here have JPG.....How do you like it??? (i'm starting to consider the JPG) are there any other birkin style that can be worn on the shoulder???
  2. commone girls ....just a yes or no..
  3. I believe they made a few in the denim/barenia combo but I've never seen it in Toile.

    The JPG is the only Birkin style that can be worn on the shoulder comfortably, unless you count the huge travel Birkins with longer straps.
  4. thank you green tea!!
  5. Hi MissV - Greentea is right, Hermes did make a beautiful barenia and denim JPG which was originally just for the runway shows, but it was so popular, they made a few limited pieces for customers - it truly is a stunning combination.

    The JPG was from memory, available in several colours including; black, white, raisin, blue jean, gold, ebene & Rouge H (seem to recall they also made it in potiron).

    This lovely model is basically a cut down of a 40cm Birkin (ie. not as high) and was made mainly in Clemence, never togo!

    I have a lovely pre-owned JPG in black clemence with palladium for auction at the moment as I have too many black H bags - the mothership in Paris had one available last week in black clemence with gold hardware but in my view, the gold hardware does not work as well as the palladium .... this particular model seems to need something funkier. Everything on the JPG is supersized, from the lock to the hardware and there are not any pockets in the interior.


  6. I've heard of a lot of JPG's coming out of Paris recently - and on the shelves.
    I think ruthenium would be really cool on a black clemence JPG!
  7. hola. i have a gorgeous rouge h w/ GH. love it to pieces. favorite bag of the moment (well actually since i've acquired it really...:love: ) i've seen it in various colors & hardware combos. and i do recall seeing a spectacular woven leather version in a fashion mag years ago.

    forgot to add, it also is available in croc if you're interested.