This may sound weird, but some swear by it - "Special" hula hoops

  1. Some of my Mom's friends are really into this... they're weighted and ridged "acupressure" hula hoops that are supposed to reduce your waist... :amuse:

    Anyone tried them?

  2. Oh, my friend is so into this! She swears by it. But she has the one with the bumps... haha I'd try it but it tickles/hurts so much!! haha
  3. That's kinda like swearing by belly dancing, no?

    I know some ladies swear by belly dancing and others that have tried it and got no results. I personally think it's relative to everyone. Some things work for some while others don't. This is interesting though. I might just try it!
  4. ooh! my aunt has one and she uses it all the time. it seems to work quite well....your tummy hurts after all that 'pounding' but i've never used it long enough to see the results. i have ADD when it comes to exercising.
  5. Never heard of it but I would try it!! Maybe...
  6. what do you do exactly, do you use them like regular hula hoops? and where do you get them? i've never heard of it before.
  7. your pic doesn't work...or is it just me???
    does it have a name??where do you get it from??
  8. i have some hula hoops but not the special one.. maybe that can help me lose weight as well..
  9. Yes I had one, but I left them at my parent's house when I moved.

    They are Extra thick hula hoops, I think they are larger in circumference too, and heavy.
    You use them like you'd use any hula hoop, but they have round acupressure bumps along the inside of the hoop that is supposed to hit the pressure points on your mid section & back as you excercise. Not only do you move and work your mid section, but the bumps in the hoop helps with circulation, and the proper flow of "Chi" in your body, thus aiding in the loss of fat in the area.

    I wasn't a faithful user... so I can't tell you about any positive results I had.
  10. Here's a picture I found... but there are many varieties with special heated ones too now adays... I can't seem to find a place to buy them online...
    101774677.jpg DSCN8447_B_s-kiki1161.jpg
  11. let me look for those, maybe i can buy it..
  12. I'm intrigued
  13. Those hoops leave bruises. Oh my gosh, the bruises are so bad!! My friend does it once in a while. Maybe I'll do it and post some pictures.
  14. sounds very interesting but i do bruise very easily. i dunno. maybe i'll give a try and use it a few times a week instead of everyday.
  15. i bought this in high school and it works! warning: if u bruise easily, go lighter and grade urself up to time intervals. i say 15 minutes initially and build urself up. my cousin did it for half an hr to an hr, and omg her bruises were scary! it works if u do it 15-25 minutes a day. =D i got mine for about $20 for a 10 lb one.