This may seem strange but.....

  1. Is it just me or can I actually be addicted to Coca Cola?
    I get the worst cravings for a cold foutain coke!! I find my self getting kind of a nervous feeling when I crave it. I've tried to drink other sodas when I get a coke attack and it just doesn't do anything for the craving. Is this strange or what? I drink maybe 4 large fountain cokes a day or even a few 20 oz. cokes. What do yall think?:confused1:
  2. I was def. addicted to diet coke. I'd get the caffiene headaches if I didn't have one. Of course, I figured I was drinking approx. 72 oz. of the stuff/day and no water ever.
    I'm done w/that now though...maybe 12 oz. a day....if that and lots of water.
  3. I've heard of coffee addicts.... how they need the caffine to function through out the day.. do you think that is what it is, the caffine?
  4. I think you could definitely be addicted to it... Coke has a lot of caffeine and if you are drinking that many ounces of it a day... no wonder you get the nervous feelings! Plus all that sugar! :wtf:

    I would gradually drink less and less... start replacing it with other liquids such as fitness water, etc. Switching to caffeine free diet coke would make a big difference... you'll start shedding pounds!

    Hope this helps! :graucho:
  5. I felt addicted to diet soda lately, and this entire week, I have cut down to one 12 ounce can a day and have been drinking water like a mad woman! I figured that one can a day is a good way to ween myself off it completely (I feel like sodas are just full of chemicals and want to eliminate them from my diet). I definitely understand what you mean about craving them though. I used to crave diet coke so badly that I would go to Burger King and get a King-sized diet coke. I would get a craving for one every single day. In fact, I got my roommate at the time addicted as well, and we would both have to make daily trips to BK to get our fix! If one of us brought one home for the other, it felt like Christmas. :lol:
  6. My dh and I got each other addicted. It started gradually... He would bring home a sonic 32 oz soda....then we started getting one more in the evenings during the summer. That of course, was in-between my cans I drank during the day and late at night.
    I have no intention of quitting cuz I love soda...but the more water I drink, the less soda I want and I find myself not even finishing a drink at a restaurant or my can at home! I like this!!
  7. You know, I really just don't know. I think the diet actually made me thirsty, so I kept drinking more. And I'd feel nervous and headachy if I didn't have one...who knows...but I can only assume it wasn't good for me.
  8. I actually just got back from the store and I walked past the fountain coke machine although it seemed like it was calling my name, It was hard but I went and grabbed a diet, caffine-free soda......... we will see....
  9. I use to not drink fountain soda at all.. but I think I'm addicted too!!!!!! Everytime I'm at a fast food place, I always get a large Coke or Orange Soda.. yum.. nothing tastes better than something cold and bubbly! :biggrin:
  10. Oh yea, when we go out to eat.... refills!!!! I drink more coke than I eat food. I'll get maybe 3-4 refills of coke.......Isn't that terrible?
  11. I totally craze diet pepsi, I completely understand.
  12. Me too, with diet Pepsi. I always assumed it was the caffeine that has me hooked. I can't drink it after dinner because the caff. would interfere with sleep, but I drink it in the morning instead of coffee!
  13. No when my sister and I go out to eat together, we get 4-5 diet Coke refills a piece most times! We have been made fun of by waiters and waitresses for it many times. They always make comments like, "You girls must be very dehydrated, huh?" :blush:
  14. i am a diet soda addict currently. and i experience this. how did you quit? :confused1: :sad:
  15. OK......I made it through the day with only a med. size fountain coke and half a diet Dr.Pepper . This is after I went to eat lunch with my husband and he ordered me a coke just because that is what I always get.....It sat in front of me on the tabel just looking at me saying "DRINK ME" but I didn't, I had a tea and did not need a refill.