This may seem like a stupid question...

  1. But for all of you who have used Appleguard conditioner on a bag: How exactly do you apply it? Do you put some on the cloth, then rub the damp part around? Or do you squirt some on the bag, then use the cloth to distribute? or....? The directions on the bottle weren't explicit so I was thinking that you'd probably want to put it on the cloth before applying to avoid putting too much in one spot. And how do you know if you've applied it evenly everywhere? Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. I use a soft white cloth, put the conditioner on it, then rub it onto my bag in circular motions. I'm just careful to pay attention to where I've hit and then I know I've gotten it everywhere!
  3. how good is this stuff?
  4. I use a soft velour towel, pour out a glob of conditioner, squeeze it into the towel and smooth it on liberally, so that I can see the sheen of it on the leather, let it set for a minute. Then I buff off any excess and any that gets in the seams and hung up on the edges. I also, have put a dab on my finger tip, worked it into heavier scratches, as a quick touch up. It doesn't hurt to give it 2 applications.
  5. I have nothing else to compare it to, but I find it to be gentle, light, not greasy or waxy, what i've experienced since applying it to all my Ali's is that the leather feels soft and smooth, it will remove some soiling, specifically it seems to keep jean transfer from setting in and removes it gently. I don't consider it a miracle worker, but it protects and moisturizes.
  6. I just ordered mine and have set aside a soft cloth to use it with!! Whoo-hoo!!