This may seem like a silly question - Mirrors...

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  1. So I bought a Balenciaga Box in lilac this weekend...moment of weakness, went, fell in love....I thought I"d like one of the larger ones but I really liked this one, I"ll have to post pictures later when I can take them in daylight.

    This was something I never paid much attention too...but the mirror is attached from the outside and kept I need to keep it like that? Do all of you keep it like that? I just feel like I have to watch out when I close the rest of the zipper and its starting to bother me!!

    So I'll probably take it off, and keep it of course, but I was just wondering what everyone else did with theirs.
  2. I don't keep my mirror in my bag. It came with it, but I keep it in the dustbag at home. I have a mirror in my powder compact, one is enough :P
  3. I just felt silly, like am I suppsoed to keep thsi attached to the outside, lol, even though I was like it makes no sense! I was just going to keep it at home too I don't need more random things floating around my bag. Thanks :smile:
  4. I keep the mirror in the dustbag with the tags and extra tassels in my closet. Don't feel silly - I think everyone has wondered about this at one time or another!!
  5. I've detached the mirrors from my bags and took the tassels off. I put the mirrors inside the outer zipper compartment of the bags and keep the tassels with the extra tassels that come with the bags in a drawer.
  6. I do this too, but only because I don't really need a mirror companion. :smile:
  7. :shame: i havent taken the mirrors off my City or my Twiggy, they're just dangling out having a good time - its probably best if i take them off, knowing me i'll probably break them.
  8. I don't think they're real glass. If you tap them real hard, it sounds like plastic!
  9. Took my mirror off and I keep it in the dust bag. With it attached, I just couldn't zip the bag completely the way I wanted to. It drove me crazy for the first day. I let the tassles swing freely. I love them!
  10. That mirror drives me crazy too so I took it off of my bag.
  11. I thought that at first when I got mine as well! Plus, I don't like the mirror as much as a small compact mirror - there's something about the size or shape - I like round mirrors, you can see your whole face instead of just eyes or lips.
  12. I love the mirror (and card compartment). I keep it inside my bag (knotted on the handle). It's a great place to store my ATM/debit card. That way I don't have open my wallet and search for it when i'm using it!
  13. I dont have a Balenciaga, but my BV came with a mirrow and I just leave it in the bag, glad its not attached from the outside. The bbags are cute though :biggrin:
  14. I detached mine also it just looks silly.
  15. I do the same :biggrin: