This may just be the MOST UNUSUAL Coach novelty item I have ever seen!!!!


What do you think of the Coach Scribble Picnic Set?

  1. LOVE IT!!!! :tup:

  2. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? :tdown:

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  1. I was looking at Coach stuff online and I came across something I had no idea Coach made.

    It is a Coach Straw Picnic Basket with scribble pattern Lenox china, silverware with bamboo handles, and matching linens!!!!







    Can you image going on a picnic with this set!!!! It is so cute but at $800 :wtf: lol I definitely will never own one. The price is definitely ridiculous. It's pretty to look at and so unusual I had to share it with all the coach lovers out there. :nogood:

    What do you guys think of this Coach picnic set??!?!
  2. I wish your poll had an entry for "Meh." I don't love it or hate it... it's just not very "me." Though I guess that would be one fun picnic. :smile:
  3. I like the lil bamboo handles on the utensils! For $800? Thats sooo freaking much!
  4. Cute!!
  5. I think its adorable! I wonder if people have actually purchased it?!
  6. LOL,,,, Um no, that's right up there with Coach toilet paper.
  7. I think it's cute. But I wouldn't use it.

    I saw that in one of the links Court posted up from the old catalogs.
  8. how much is it?
    If that big orange basket from now is 1k I can only imagine how much this piece costs.

    I don't care for it.
  9. $800 is actually fair if you consider that it's Lenox china and flatware. Four full place settings could run you, with the flatware, almost $600, add the linens and $800 is about right.
  10. Very festive and fun, but too expensive for me to think about though...:wtf:
  11. Very cute, but pricey. If I had that, I would make myself go on picnics! It would be sooo much cuter if it had legacy lining instead of the scribble. For some reason the scribble doesn't go with Lenox china. Maybe it's because I scribble is a young pattern to me...something teenage girls would be into.
  12. Cute, but I'd never buy it.
  13. $800?


  14. I must have been wrong I just looked through those catalogs again and it wasn't there. i don't know where I saw it at... Hmm makes me wonder. I'm going to be thinking about this all day!

    I think it might have been in a magazine...?


    But yeah Lenox is pretty expensive so I think it's a good price for the whole set/

  15. OH! The legacy would be gorgeous! I'd prefer that!