This may convert me from my "no-khaki" Coach rule...

  1. OMG, I tried this on today and it is AMAZING:


    Anyone have it, hate it? It is so much more gorgeous IRL...and again I don't like khaki but man oh man this is incredible. Hmmm :graucho:
  2. I don't have the Ali, but I have the Shoulder Zip in khaki/black. I love it so much! I think the khaki & black combination is stunning and I am totally not a khaki sig kind of girl.
  3. Why don't you like the khaki. Khaki is so pretty.
  4. My friend has that bag, and all the accessories to match...looks great on her too.....
  5. for some reason, it just falls flat on me :crybaby: . Most of my wardrobe is black, white, chocolate brown, turquoise blue, charcoal grey. The khaki just doesn't have any zing, IMO, when I wear those colors. BUT I do love the black trim on this bag so hmmm it just might work!! :graucho:
  6. I have the shoulder bag in this combo and it is STUNNING.
  7. I love Khaki. I need to add more non-khaki items to my collection!! I think that would probably be a great bag for you since it has black leather. Let us know what you decide.
  8. its beautiful!!!!!!
  9. Yes, definitely break the "no-khaki" rule! That bag is absolutely gorgeous!
  10. I also have the shoulder bag in this combo and it is beautiful! Go for the khaki!!
  11. I brought back that bag in that combo and got the zip signature which I love, love for I thought the bag was too big for me, but now I miss it for it is the only signature legacy besides the Mandy in that combo I like..and I do not have enough things to fit in it. It was a toss up between the gold and the espresso/khaki, but I am afraid the gold might rub off. Anyone have the Ali in signature gold?
  12. I have this Ali and I LOVE IT! I mostly wear a lot of boring colors to work like black (lol) so this bag give me to "pop" I need. Plus, I wear gold jewelry most of the time so it just flows right in with my style.

    I also think this is a great bag for spring, summer, and fall, so I say get it!
  13. " A bag is not just what you wear, you carry a big part of you and who you are on the inside and the outside" OH, Krispin, great pic of you..I am still wondering how to get my pic on that square. Tried and it did not upload.. Since I have the shoulder bag in Whiskey and the shoulder zip in khaki and espresso. I think I will get the Ali in the khaki and espresso when when the pce event comes...
  14. I saw someone with this Ali the other day and honestly, it's beautiful. I'm not even a big signature girl, and I'm not in love with the Ali, but this combo on that bag just worked!

  15. I am definitely getting that bag..tried it on today..and saw nothing else in the store to compare that I had to have..."I want what I want and I want it NOW".