This may be practically rhetorical here, but do ya'll think I'm crazy for gettin a LV

  1. we have a traitor in our mist....kidding. That bag is cute.
  2. I think you are asking in the wrong forum. I would take a Chanel any day over the speedy. I do think the handles are cute though, but it is still a speedy!
  3. I like that bag too, but feel like for the money there are a couple more Chanels I would like pre price increase.
  4. I got the neo cabby over my Chanel bag, I need to get that classic flap or gst in. But I really like the mirage speedy, it is a classic to like Chanel.
  5. leem, I've been known to buy the occasional LV sometimes too, nothing wrong with a little variety.
  6. I have LV too; nothing wrong with that, babe! The speedy is a classic too, enjoy the bag!;)
  7. No need to limit your self to one designer house; variety is the spice of life!
  8. I say whatever makes your heart go pitter patter and is a bag you'll use is a good buy regardless of the brand!
  9. hi, having variety in your collection is always fun. i still have more chanels than lv bags, but i occasionally visit lv forum too. that speedy is cute! enjoy!
  10. I carry an LV BH often. It's my 'beat up bag' meaning simply the one I don't have to take extra care of.
    I caarry it to my DD's football games she cheers at and to other things like that. . . rainy day, you know :biggrin:
  11. I have a damier LV and I was pondering on getting one of the Mirage since they haven't got the vachetta but patent leather in the handles... that was before I saw the prices... lol...$1800 for the speedy and $3400 for a tote in canvas ???On the other hand what counts is what you like best !:yes:
  12. Normally I would say no since I'm still so new to Chanel, but I would've purchased a Chanel rather than the Mirage Speedy (*gasp!* What did I just say?!).

    BUT if you love the bag, then why are you crazy, right?
  13. Go for what you love and will use. I don't think you're sworn to buy Chanel only. Enjoy whatever you choose!
  14. it's cute, get it if it's your favorite.