This may be a stupid question, but....

  1. How do you go about putting yourself on waitllist for an item? :confused1: I live 3 hours from an LV boutique and I'm wondering if you can do it if you call LV CS. I'm interested in the new Montergueil, but I understand it won't be released until March 1 in the US. Also, if you do waitlist, how long does it usually take to get it?

    Thanks in advance to all you great PF experts, you are always so helpful!
  2. I believe you can call cs and have them but you on a waiting list but I think it's better if you go to a store. just tell them you want to be added to the list sometimes the offer to take credit card details to secure the item (or you could suggest it).

    how long depends on your position on the list and how quickly they get the stock some things that are due to launch on a certain day may not arrive for a week or so. if they store gets say 3 bags but your 4th on the list you may have to wait for the next shipment

    I'm sure someone in the US will be along soon to give you the full details of how to waitlist in the meantime try the search feature you mayget an answer through that

    good luck
  3. You can call CS and tell them which stores you want to be WL'D at. Sometimes they'll forward your information directly to the store, and other times they'll connect you to the store and you have to give the SA your information.

    How long your wait is really depends on how high you are on the list and how much product your store receives.

    The closest LV store is 5 hours away from me, so I always waitlist. I prefer to have them ship me the bags so I can see them IRL before making a decision.

    I've waitlisted for the Montorgeuil PM and GM. I can hardly wait for March!

    I usually choose not to give my credit card info up front, and it's never been a problem. I've still always gotten the bags I want. Oh, and I highly recommend that you WL at multiple stores. It increases your chances of getting the item. I always WL at my 3 favorite stores.
  4. u call call ur store or the national number and do it.
    depends on how many ppl are on the wait list ahead of you.