This may be a stupid ?,but where is Alaska?

  1. Hi! I have finally paid off my school loans and am trying to save up for something nice! I have been furiously reading up on Hermes and it seems like a lot of you shop in Alaska--is there a Hermes store in Alaska?:confused1:

    Sorry if this is a strange question. I have been hinting to my husband to get me a Pegasus charm, so I hope it works!

  2. People say Alaska when they want to be discreet about which boutique they shop in.
    I can totally see where this can be confusing. Good luck and welcome to the orange side
  3. Thanks!
    This Alaska thing was really confusing me:smile:--it sure sounds like a good place to shop!
  4. Yeah considering all the threads that refer to it . . . that would be one hell of a store.
  5. For sure! I think there would be a lot of moves to Alaska!:p
  6. Thank goodness I wasn't the only one confused!! I figured Alaska couldn't have one, much less multiple, H boutiques, nor could it be THAT well stocked!!
  7. OMG! I didn't know that about the Alaska store! I really thought that you guys were all flying up to Alaska to get your loot! I'm so dense!
  8. Ditto. LOL. We have to break the Da Vinci Code!
  9. ^^^LOL:roflmfao:
  10. I recently had a business trip to Anchorage AK. There is the biggest mall in Alaska, named "fifth avenue mall". The description of the mall says "featured department stores are Nordstrom and JCPenney". That's all you can get from Alaska, and I bought nothing at the mall. I did get some salmon jerky in Anchorage though.

    Luckily, I figured out the joke longtime ago. Otherwise, I would be busy searching for the H store.
  11. I really thought there was an alaskan store... silly me glad someone cleared it up!
  12. quote=DBAGHAG;3996423]I really thought there was an alaskan store... silly me glad someone cleared it up![/quote]


    Me also!!

    Da vinci code so funny
  13. since we're de-coding here, I thought it was how tPFers in warmer climates refered to the Madison Ave store, ya know? cause it cooler in the northesast.

    thanks all for clearing that up, it's discretion, I get it.
  14. I never knew that either! I thought that Anchorage was a strange place for a Hermes, but I never figured out the "code".

    Too funny!
  15. basilicali, I think a lot of member would thank you for creating this code. *LOL*

    Wonder if there's a lot of move to Alaska recently.