This may be a REALLY dumb question...

  1. But is there a speedy in black?
    Not like the epi speedy, but like one that is black with a black monogram? kind of like the mini lin in dune....

    Don't worry i havent gotten a fake or anything. i just would really like something like this!

  2. erm i think the mirage has a bit of black on it.

    Other than the epi i really cant think of one......the mini lin does come in a brown colour i think.
  3. There is a Mini Lin Speedy 30 in EBENE which is kind of black-ish

    Another one is the LE Mirage Speedy 30 in Black but this is more of a "gradient" black so at the top of the bag it still looks like the brown mono
  4. okay thanks yall!!!
  5. okay thanks yall so much! :heart::heart:
  6. Is this the one you are talking about? It is the Ebene Mini Lin. It is a very dark brown,

  7. Am I the only one who thinks mini lin ebene is navy blue? :nuts:
  8. ^^^^

    i keep HOPING for LV to introduce a navy form of the speedy !!!