This Marks 31 - Reveal and Collection

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  1. Care to join me for a reveal?
    I will also post pictures of my entire collection :love:

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  2. Yes! Chanel unboxings are the best
  3. Yes please! Yes please!
    Like Pavlov's dog, I read "Reveal" or even better, "Family Portrait" (your lovely "ENTIRE collection") and please forgive me, "the 'drool is REAL'"!! :drool::love:
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  4. Yay. Can't wait.
  5. This marks my 31st Chanel brooch :hbeat:
    I purchased it through mungoo33's SA.
    Thank you mungoo33! :wave:
  6. Here is my entire Chanel brooch collection ;)
    First picture:
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  7. Second picture:
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  8. Third picture:
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  9. Last picture:
    I can't wait for Cuba collection! Love to add more Chanel brooches to my collection. Thank you for letting me share :blush:
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  10. Wow!!! love every single one
  11. Wow! What an amazing collection!! Congrats
  12. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing!! :smile:
  13. Amazing!!!! you hv the best collection. Many congrats!!! Which are your top three brooches?
  14. Big big congrats, my dear Bother Free!!! :hugs: They are absolutely gorgeous!! :loveeyes: You have a marvellous collection!! :hbeat:
  15. Wow!!!! What a fabulous collection. Congrats on your new addition.