This makes me so MAD!!!!

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  1. Well the UK account highjacker is back with his daily round of stolen pics and text from other auctions. He never gives up and ebay is totally clueless. I sent them this message when I reported them as counterfeit listings:

    Well I see that Trust and Security is really on the ball. The UK account highjacker is back with another stolen account and tons of listings of Balenciaga bags all with pictures and text stolen from other legitimate auctions. He never gives up and you are clueless as what to do about it. UNBELIEVABLE!

  2. They need to hire you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Ebay should really be ashamed, I lost all respect after the O.J. Simpson book auctions!
  4. i noticed this to and reported them to ebay as well. one of the listings of stolen pics is still running...
  5. Ebay has no shame. I feel that they are equally as guilty as all of the con artists that make a living on ebay by scamming people. Ebay doesn't care. It will take major news networks to start exposiing them, lawsuits etc. before they do anything. All they care about is money which makes them partners in crime as far as I am concerned. They make me so mad. They really do. :cursing:

  6. Zacorey!!! ROFLMAO!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Too funny. Her platique bag matches her faux leather jacket. :roflmfao:

    Here is ebays BS little email that they always send back to me:

    Thank you for writing eBay's SafeHarbor Department about a listing or
    seller you would like us to investigate for fraudulent activity. We are
    concerned about this type of activity and want to assure you that we
    will review your report as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.

    Due to privacy concerns, we will not keep you informed about the status
    of our investigation. While you will only receive this acknowledgement
    of the receipt of your report, please be assured that we will thoroughly
    review the situation.


    The subject line you chose on the webform is reserved for reporting
    current items that may be listed for the purpose of committing fraud.

    In order for us to dedicate resources to preventing this type of
    situation in a timely manner, reports directed to this area that do not
    relate to current listings that may be fraudulent (including reports of
    listing violations and reports about items that may be prohibited) will
    not be forwarded to another department or answered. Other questions or
    concerns should be sent to us from the page below:

    eBay: Redirect

    We appreciate the time you took to contact us. To promote a safe trading
    environment for the eBay community, we prohibit users from engaging in
    any type of unlawful activity on the eBay web site and are dedicated to
    investigating such situations.

    **Please do not respond to this email as your reply will not be

    Best regards,

    eBay SafeHarbor Team
  8. Computer generated original!!!
  9. I was checking out her history, a fake chole was recently sold. I do feel for those people. :sad:

    People who work for ebay may lack knowledge about certain things, when someone like powderpuff100 emails them. They should take action, not by an automated response.
  10. I am really tired of ebay. This is probably what keeps me away from getting good deals on bags I'm just too scared to be scammed.
    Now I've had wonderful experiences buying other things from great and honest sellers...
  11. ^^^Isn't that so HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!:lol: I'm glad we could atleast have a good laugh!

    Anyway, I always get those automated responses!
  12. Look at the bales on that bag. :graucho: Do they look right to you? Are the counterfeiters closer to getting the bales right? But why get the bales closer then use plastique looking leather or faux leather? Fake bags seriously make me nauseous. So disgusting, everything about it is disgusting.:yucky: The ones that make them, the ones that sell them and worst of all, the people that get swindled.:sad: