This makes me physically sick!

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  1. It has feet. Little freaky, martian feet. Hopefully the bidder knows that it's fake.

    Thanks for posting this.... I just reported it.
  2. Goodie... i was trying to figure out how to report it!

    And check out the lockit horizontal version!!!!!!!
  3. Gosh, it looked so fake !!! Yes colleen03, they should be reported !!!
  4. :wtf::throwup:
    yeah at the bottom of the listing, there's a link says "report this item"
  5. Gosh, the Miroir Lockits are faked already. *ugh*

    I just REPORTED it!
  6. I saw the horizontal pic.... again... I hope that any bidders know that these are fakes.

    We should all report these, otherwise, I don't know if they do anything.

    It's at the bottom: report this item, copyright infringement, counterfeit bags, then click e-mail and send.
  7. Gross!
  8. oooh :shocked: they try it to make it almost similiar and similiar with the auth one, horrible :push:
  9. eek!
  10. Woah I didn't even know they had made fakes of those yet. They're so quick! I just always feel really bad for people who pay a lot on eBay and yet they're stuck with a bad fake, kwim? I feel like whenever I report something on eBay the listing is never taken down, it's sad.
  11. Please post all horrid fakes in the *Post Fakes Here* thread in the Shopping section. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.