This made me so mad!

  1. "Just one per cent of all products claiming to be made by Louis Vuitton are genuine. ":cursing:
    That is so irritating . I hate the thought that i save my money for these amazing bags and people are walking around with fakes and people selling them on the street? seriously i was screaming when i read this . My dad showed me this article in the paper this morning. :cursing: :crybaby:

    Oh and read the comments When i read one comment "Does LV really have no creative talent left? How very chav." I was about to attempt to find were this person lives HOW VERY CHAV!?!? i hate the fact this person refered to a Lv as Chav. at the end. My blood was definatly boiling by the end of reading this.

    im sick of fakes i love my real Lv's.:heart:
  2. Thanks for sharing but I don't think we can't notice a fake if we're LV fan and see woman carry it on the street :smile: May will a bit difficult for us to notice the ultra AAA fake from the pics only but will be easier to do it if we see it direct.
    I check the article and the fake obviously different from the authentic one~notice it from the shape.
  3. As long as you know YOURS are authentic! ;) Enjoy your LVs!
  4. lol, the articles funny! Its only taloking about the £22 000 bag, i mean unless your paris then you wont be getting it anyway. As long as its real then its all good if you ask me! People just like having a dig at things! There was probably no good news to write about so they came up with the above rubbish article! it makes me laugh!

  5. ITA! :yes:
  6. I wouldn't listen to anything the Daily Mail says anyway, it's all utter rubbish. Who cares what they think?
  7. like it was mentioned before.. as long as YOU know urs is real thats all that matters
  8. blah
  9. ita! :yes:
  10. Bunch of bs
  11. I don't care about them, they just don't know what they're missing! :shrugs: LOL! And I'm happy with my real bags, thank you very much!
  12. I have just finished reading the article and to be honest I dont see the issue with it, it is after all just the reporters opinion.

    I TA that the bag is a stupid price when compared to a car for example however I am sure that more than a few will be sold and to those that can afford to splurge on this item-good for them.

    Louis Vuitton bags for the most part are stunning examples of quality and luxury (for the most part).

    I buy them because I love them and can afford to but if the day comes that I have to save to buy a bag then my LV buying days are over.

    There are as we all know far too many fakes out there, only last night I saw one on a young girl aged around 18, a fake LV does not make you look good but neither does a genuine one, this IMHO is the reporters point.

    My post is not aimed to offend anyone it is as I have said Just my opinion and may or may not be shared by others but at the end of the day I really dont care what any one thinks about the style or amount of cost of my bags and thats all that matters.

    Enjoy those bags with a smile!
  13. What the heck is a chav?

    And fakes are never good enough to where you don't know that it's a fake, sorry but true. The fakers have never been able to get the font right..

  14. This is the definition from internet.
    My eldest daughter is an Emo and considers her younger sister a Chav!

    Chav or Charv/Charver is a mainly derogatory slang term in the United Kingdom for a subcultural stereotype fixated on fashions such as gold jewellery and 'designer' clothing. They are generally considered to have no respect for society, as well as being considered ignorant or unintelligent. The term appeared in mainstream dictionaries in 2005.[1][2] The defining features of the stereotype include clothing in the Burberry pattern (notably a now-discontinued baseball cap) and from a variety of other casual and sportswear brands. Tracksuits, hoodies, sweatpants and baseball caps are particularly associated with this stereotype. Response to the term has ranged from amusement to criticism that it is a new manifestation of classism. [3] The term has also been associated with delinquency, the "ASBO Generation", "Hoodie culture and "yob culture".
  15. Thank you for sharing.