This made me laugh

  1. ohh...and the 4 bags in one part...
  2. :roflmfao: It's 4 in one! OMG I must get it
  3. Hey, I'm watching that one. I have no problem taking advantage of the clueless sellers out there!
  4. Hahah I saw that a while ago and was wondering i anyone else caught it. :biggrin:
  5. i have no clue wat they are thinking.
  6. lol. well, by that logic, there are A LOT of things we own that are not being used up to their fullest potential!

  7. Like it can chop,slice and dice?? :p
  8. Goodness. She practically murdered that poor bag,turning it inside out..
  9. i would consider getting a a ciao(x2) if the print placement was perfect on the inside. I would totally rock it inside out. I don't know if it would ruin it though.

    I once saw arancias at Ross a few months back, and if I'd known that Foresta was printed inside it, I would've definitely gotten it! *d'oh*
  10. i thought tokis were reversible to justify the
  11. ^So you wear them inside out?

    HAHA, I never thought of doing but I guess my bags can't really do that, but yeahh lol.
  12. Yeah I saw that and thought what the heck?
  13. Wait! There's more! If you act now, you get not one, not 2, but 4, that's right four uses for you handbag!

    Not available in any now...
  14. omg! would anyone actually wear it so all the lining is on the outside, and all the folding fixtures and hardware inside lol? that would just rip!

    if they like the inside print on the outside, why dont they just get a citta :wondering