This made me laugh ! - The JUSTY Hand bag AKA Speedy to us

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  1. :roflmfao:
    Thanks for sharing! Love the pic in your sig BTW!
  2. justy! where the hell did they come up with that??
  3. Strange!!!!
  4. people managed to find it and bid on it! interesting!
  5. I "justy" dont' understand... [​IMG]

  6. Where did they get "justy"???
  7. yeah, was that 'justy' mean?
  8. WTF...LOL What is a justy? LOLOL
  9. hehe, had a good laugh. thanks!
  10. :shrugs:Oh well as long as it's authentic..
  11. wtheck, hopefully she will get some more bids since the bidders will have a hard time finding it!
  12. how weird...I wonder how they came up with that?
  13. well, it's in the handbag category and the 'vuitton' is in the title...
  14. Justy?? hu?? soo weird!