This made me laugh so hard..

  1. haha and I bet in the suitcase he has Milu...I'm curious in what else they will find!!!
  2. hahaha!!!! that's a lot of mail he's carrying in that suitcase!!
  3. lol, good find Scott!
    mikissima~that tintin mailman is trying to deliver some goodies to my house
  4. lol...
  5. hahahm kind of cute though, it looks a little like tintin. except it's fake.
  6. lmao lmao. these fake AAA lv designers crack me up.

    it IS fake, right? or did lv miss this horrendous quality control violation?
  7. It is most certainly fake. I just don't understand the people that bid on these items! Does no one do their research before buying on eBay?? I mean, those black "Glace" wallets that have been selling by the truck load on eBay lately.. SO FAKE and they fetch an upwards of $300.00 - FOR FAKE LV. UGH!
  8. Mailman .... Say whaaaaaaaa??

    *HaHa* :roflmfao:
  9. OMG.. guess the seller dun know what he selling..:roflmfao:
  10. Hahahaha Tin Tin!!! The Mail Man!
  11. I seriously lol'ed on that one (which I rarely do from things I see online). Bellboy? okay. porter? fine. But MAILMAN?!?! Since when does the mailman wear a little pillbox hat like that?
    Tin Tin creative
  13. It kinda does look like Tin Tin.
    I wish I had a Tin Tin wallet. Real of course. and not in that feral yellow.
  14. LOL

    That's a bellboy on the wallet.. Not a mailman..Jan-19-08A: youre rightQ: This is a louis vuitton grooms line wallet not mailmanJan-17-08A: verry sorry...was telling this because of the mailman on the top of the wallet