This made me laugh and mad at the same time!

  1. LOL... I purchased 4 beautiful light weight spring sweaters--2 cashmere and 2 light merino wool. All described as Italian merino wool and and Italian Cashmere.

    I love J.Crew and shop in their stores and order online from them a bit but just picked up shopping again with them recently after a couple of not really buying anything from them.

    Anyway, the items came and they all said they were 'Made In China' with cards attached stating that they are 'Italian Cashmere' and 'Italian Merino Wool'.... what a shame? They are beautiful and look as well made as my genuine Italian made merino wool and cashmere items......LOL I guess everything will eventually be made in China!

    Just a Rant but I'd like to know others opinions on this issue? Do you care? I guess it doesn't really bother me if I like the items but I'll admit that I like to buy items made in USA and Europe mainly......
  2. I think the wool may have indeed come from Italy but the sweaters were made/assembled in China. Still good wool. Merino and Cashmere come from certain breeds of sheep that are bred all over the world. I believe Italy, Spain and South America may have the finest quality if I'm not mistaken. They export the wool pretty much everywhere.
  3. ^^ Thanks bags. I just thought it was funny when the tag said Made in China and it got me thinking. JCrew has wonderful items and they are very well made and lasts for years. I have pieces that I had from high school---literally--that still look good honestly.

    I don't want my LV's to be made in China eventually however!....LOL Isn't that terrible of me???
  4. I have a ton of the J Crew Meronio wool sweaters and I never noticed they where made in China , good eye , what color did you get ? I got the Vivid Lime to go with my new Coach Basket purse that is the same color
  5. you are a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE person!!!! go to your room young lady!


  6. That's funny. I do care about where my clothes (and other items) are made. I prefer made in USA or anywhere else in Europe. Sometimes I can't help it--I need stuff that are just made in China, though. I'm not trying to discriminate, but I care about other issues related to outsourcing, cheaper labor, sweatshops, etc.
  7. The Vivid lime should be so beautiful. I almost purchased that color! You must have purchased the V Neck Italian Cashmere sweater like I did.

    I purchased it in snow...I love white.. and saffron. I'd been wanting to add the 'yellow' color to my wardrobe and I really love it. It's just so pretty against my skin.

    ***I purchased the Merino Wool Boatneck sweater in white (again, I love and light Those were on sale. Forgive me, I just realized that I read your post wrong initially and thought you were talking about the Cashmere sweaters at first.

    I love each of the sweaters. JCrew's items are so buttery soft. I just love them...even their tshirts feel so good.
  8. I think the PETA website has a video on sheep bred in Australia that yield merino wool (Merino Sheep? I'm not sure of the breed). It freaked me out.
  9. I'm so bad I went to order two more this morning. The beautiful Airy Cashmere Hoody in snow and the Striped Cashmere V-Neck in Vivid Lime! They both just went on sale this morning I guess because they were not listed on yesterday. Okay...that's it for me...LOL.
  10. Your LV may not be MADE in china, but who really knows where the canvas and hardware is produced? ;) another example: Made in france mustard may still contain mustard seeds 100% from china, so I wouldn't worry too much about the sweaters.
  11. ^^ You are so right Liberte. I'm over it. Just made me laugh before. If I like it..and it's well made..even if it's made in China I will buy it! What can you do??
  12. All the fine wool breeds can be traced back to Spanish Merino - a breed that produces the softest wool in the world. There are at least 4 other breeds that produce this wool today. Take what PETA says with a grain of salt. Sheep need to be sheared once a year or they can overheat during the summer. There is a proper way to do this. If ranchers harm their sheep, they would be hurting their own livlihood. That said, lets be careful not turn this into a pro or against PETA thread. :yes:
  13. ^^ I agree! PETA is way too extreme for my tastes. Some of these PETA people will step over a human lying on the street in need of food and water but will sleep inside of a house with 50 stray cats because they just couldn't bare to see them eating only lizards and farm
    And I'm not pro or anti PETA...I just think many PETA members are just too extreme. Throwing 'blood' on people wearing furs? Thats nuts..if someone threw something on my fur God help them! (J/K)....LOL

    I would take what they say with a grain of salt as well. I definitely agree.
  14. NO that's perfectly reasonable... i don't want any of my designer items made in china!!!! i think gucci is already made in china and most mid-tier every day clothing is made in china as well which sucks!!

    it's one thing if my $19 gap tshirt is made in china but not a $1000 LV bag!!

    i'm paying for workmanship and superior leather etc!! you want to make it in china, then cut the cost by half!

    sigh... i just feel strongly about this.... :wtf:

    Hey newgirlontheblock, why don't you call JCrew customer service and have an amusing conversation with them that you don't understand how the italian sweater is made in china? so is it italian or china sweater? why not a china sweater? what % of it's lineage is italian vs. china? that should be funny:graucho:

  15. It's like 4th July knick knack. American flags and pins are all labeled 'Made in China'.