This LV from the Spring 06 line Yey or Nay!

  1. [​IMG]what ya think?!:amuse:
  2. Nay for me, do you have a larger pic? Maybe the details make it nice in person :biggrin:
  3. Nay. It looks likes a piece of a car engine.
  4. Nay. It looks pretty odd...
  5. lol, I think thats an accurate description :biggrin:
  6. Nay.
  7. I like that it isn't "safe" like other bags. It looks grundgy and cool. I like it.
  8. What the heck is that? Nay for me!
  9. :lol: ! Nay for that you mention it, it does look like something a car might use.
  10. Yay from me! I like the funky look to it.
  11. I like it. Yay.
  12. It looks like it's super heavy! I don't mind the look of it, but it's not something I would buy for myself.
  13. Nay
  14. Huh, I can't say that I like this very much, but I defnitely prefer it to the large oversized furry multicolor monogram we're probably going to be seeing next year ..
  15. Yay, I think it looks very unique. And you could probably beat someone down with it if need be ~