This looks like an 04 rose clutch

  1. it sure is. the leather is gorgeous too.
  2. I have this in lilac! I would buy this clutch again in a :heart: beat!
  3. I am definitely watching this one. Thats a must have for me!
  4. this is so cute. i saw the cosmetic pouch in blue india and want it so bad. i love cute little accessories! i'm adding it to my watch list too.
  5. I bid on that yesterday and for awhile there were no other bids, so I e-mailed the seller and asked if he/she had a BIN price. Never got a response.
  6. I also contacted her with no response. I thought it was the time difference, but I did it early this morning. I also made what I think is a generous offer to buy it off ebay. sellers who dont respond drive me nuts. But maybe we'll hear from her tomorrow. Is this style still available?
  7. Very pretty! Good luck Donna!
  8. This is TOOO pretty!

    G'luck to all those bidding on it! :graucho:
  9. eBay sellers with extensive experience selling on eBay tend to not want to go for BIN offers ... because if something is highly coveted enough to attract BIN offers, they know that chances are they would get a better price by just letting the auction play out....
  10. That's good to know. Thanks Fiat! I think I'll do no BINs on some of my listings next time...
  11. Make sure you either have a reserve or a starting price you can live with. Sometimes bidding is suprisingly sluggish.
  12. and the seller still hasnt responded to my 3 emails...I will pass on it. how rude.
  13. ^there must be a reason, perhaps they just don't respond to BIN type offers and inquiries because they get too many. I bought Dior boots from her just last week and have since had 4 email exhanges with her, each time with prompt response. I've also told her that I plan on bidding on this clutch so she'd hold off on shipping my boots.
  14. I only made an offer on one email and asked a question in the other 2. No reponse sellers go on my **** list.