This looks just like the new leather Bleeckers??!!!

  1. Someone else posted this link for the guy's extenders and parts but this bag he has up for sale caught my eye. When you look at it, you'll know why! For a minute I thought it was one of the new leather Bleeckers but the description says "Coach SOHO Bedford Flap" What year did this bag come out? I guess Coach is just "reinventing" an older style with the new Bleeckers??? What do you think?! Correct me if this is old news or everyone knew this already...I'm somewhat new to the "Coach obsessed Club" ...:graucho:
  2. obviously the coach designers weren't that creative this year!
  3. I was thinking the same thing!
  4. The point of bleeker (such as legacy) is to update old well known styles such as the duffle sac, which was such an iconic coach bag. It wasn't that they weren't creative, in my opinion- they are bringing back the heart of coach :smile:
  5. I appreciate the "reinventing" of past styles, the fashion industry has always done that, but Coach is "smart" to do that. I will say though the feel of the leathers are very different! When I compare it to the Legacy leathers, it feels a bit anemic to me, but could be a great thing for those who appreciate the lightweight leathers.
  6. VERY smart of Coach! And I love it. :yes:
  7. Yes. Take a look at that big new Legacy flap bag - can anyone say "Stewardess????" I like the reinventions of the older styles. Heck, I like the older styles. Anyhoo....back I go into my silence (I vowed I wouldn't break it after the last big flap that went on here after everything shut down).
  8. cdpug, 'tis a different forum now! Feel free to come out of your silence and let us get to know you! Everyone's opinions are welcome and appreciated!

    As for me... I'm not feeling these bags but I didn't feel the older styles anyway. I am glad that Coach is staying true to their roots though. That's what made them great to begin with. I definately enjoy the Legacy bags, mostly last year's though and in particular the Ali!