this look familiar to anyone? megs, it should look quite familiar to you...

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    my my, the dirty things people do. i'm going to send in an abuse form after i get finished cooking dinner, and all of you all should too! i hate to think that someone is using megs' paddy to dupe people!
  2. :suspiciou What a scumbag!
  3. What a f**k! Thanks for pointing that one out. I knew I should have plastered our logo all over that bag.

    Scumbag! :evil:
  4. Wow! I can't believe someone would do that!
  5. I can believe it!!! Happens all the time, especially on eBay, ioffer, etc.
  6. I just reported this fruit. I wonder how swift are about reports, I just hope nobody's gonna get scammed over our picture of Megs' gorgeous Paddy.
  7. Actually, I feel kinda special, because my photography was just so clear and crisp that the idiot had to use it.
  8. yeah, i could tell if anyone had bid or bought...ick, stuff like this just makes me sick to my stomach.
  9. Oh WOW!!! But don't my fingers look cute?? ;)

    On a serious note, that bothers me so much- because I would hate to have to watermark my pictures so you can't truly enjoy their beauty
  10. damn, sorry to see that! Hope that tard gets what he/she deserves.
  11. What a bummer.. but look at how smashing the bag looks !
  12. what???? wow!! there really ARE some crazy people out there ha? and i dont mean the GOOD crazy (like us :biggrin:)
  13. I think everyone on this forum should send them a note asking about the stolen picture. :smile:
  14. Did you notice the seller's location? Humble, TX? More like, Full-of-****, TX
  15. OMG, too funny! I know alot of people who should move to that town!
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