This Long Distance Dedication Goes Out To...Stella AND Sophia!!

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  1. Consider this thread an ode to Stella and Sophia. :heart:
    Please post pics, modeling shots, comments, reviews, haikus, whatever floats your boat just so long as it involves Stella or Sophia. I'd love to get a collection of great photos in here along with a list of all the colors they have ever been made in. Do I sound obsessive? Well, duh. :P
    P.S. I know there are some pics posted in the reference library, but I NEED MOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  2. What about sonnets? Would those be okay:P
  3. pursemonkey: can an Anouk play too in this thread? I always considered the Anouk to be their little sis :smile:
  4. Oh yes yes, great thread! :tup:

    Up until now, I only (…) have 2 Stellas (Bark and Pomgranate) and 1 Sophia (not sure if it's Fuchsia or Berry or Violet), pictured below – sorry for the crap picture, my camera got stolen and this is just a phone pic.

    I had to throw in my new Mini Quinn (Ocean), because it *just* arrived today! I love it! :yahoo:

    Notice the cat liking the bags, too…


    I will have to give one Stella up though once I reach my HG, the Maroon Stella… I just can't have three. And the Sophia is not really in use, either so I guess we will part ways, too. :crybaby: But look how pretty they all are! :heart:
  5. ^gorgeous bags jenny! love those colors
  6. These were all mine at one point. ;) I still have the Violet, Black, and Wine Stellas. ;)

    Original Vermillion Stella and Black Stella:

    Same black Stella with Bark Sophia, Emerald Sophia, Maroon Sophia (and Cherry Blossom Blake on the handle):

    Violet Stella:

    Wine Stella (and zip clutch):

    Pomegranate Stella:
  7. OMG the vermillion old Stella is tdf!!! :drool::drool:
    Why oh why did you give it up?

    I love your collection! The emerald Sophia… such a great color!
  8. the wine stella is so gorgeous
  9. I definitely think sonnets are in order, Barmakianbags:P

    Jennytalula, what a beautiful collection! That pom is TDF!!!! :drool: Did the police ever catch the person(s) responsible for burglarizing your place? So sorry that happened to you!!

    Dawn, that emerald Sophia is GORGEOUS and the photo of your wine Stella is making me seriously reconsider what color I want at the top of my wish list! That is absolutely stunning:love:
  10. ^pursemonkey, no, unfortunately the police didn't find the burglars. Yet. I don't really think it would make a difference anyways, my stuff will be long gone, and those people won't ever be convinced they did something bad. oh well. Life goes on!

    And as long as I can drool over MJ bags…
  11. Here's some Stella love, it was the first MJ bag that I wanted, LONG before I could afford a designer purse. I posted this originally back in the Reference Library under Red bags. It's my only Stella (for some strange reason I don't repeat styles in my collection).

    My Maroon Stella!

    Attached Files:

  12. Oh my HG!!! SOOOOOO PRETTY!
  13. Shop2drop, that is soooo gorgeous!! I'm really loving the wine and the maroon colors for fall!
  14. Joke, I missed your comment the first time through! I think Anouk can definitely play with Stella and Sophia - they do all seem related;)
  15. pursemonkey - thank,yeah she is the perfect fall color! Did you ever make it to Halls for the MJ they were holding for you? If you do, you outta give me a call!

    jennytalula - I've been keeping my eyes peeled for your HG, I think you've got great taste! We'll find that Maroon Stella for you!