~~~ This Little Piece of Beauty jumped at me and said "Take Me Home" ~~~

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  1. And how could I possibly resist? She is absolutely stunning esp. in person. I had my doubts ... but now I love her! So light and smooshy ... ladies and gents, may I please present to you ...

    Ms. '08 EB Hobo SGH!:love:

    This is her basking in the sun ...

    ~~~ more pics to come ~~~

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  2. She is beautiful! That color really suits the style. Can you do a modeling shot? I'm thinking of buying one.
    Cheers, Carolyn
  3. Congrats!!! Wow that hobo with sgh is gorgy :drool:!!!! Now I'm thinking I should've got a hobo instead of the city!!!! Enjoy!!!
  4. These are indoors with flash and with 08 Turq Money that hubby:heart: got for me a couple of weeks ago!

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  5. Indoors without flash!

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  6. That is one super delicious bag! I love the EB in the hobo style....haven't seen one IRL yet. Thanks for the pics as she is beautiful!!
  7. OMG your bag is gorgeous:nuts: and first time i see some one with an EB Hobo. Great choice. :tup:Enjoy it.:wlae:
  8. its beautiful, congrats!
  10. That is a really vibrant colour! Fabulous!
  11. Gaaah!!:nuts: That is one gorgeous baby!! Congrats , Sweetpurple!!
  12. Thank you, I'm feeling lazy in pj's today ... maybe Monday. But regardless, it's a great bag ... I highly recommend this style and color!

    I love your City, it's great ... keep it!
  13. Oh wauww!
    Lovely bag and love the beatiful drop of the background! :nuts:
    Congrat SweetPurple!
    EB is such a beautiful colour! Congrat for the new bag and the sweet husband you have :love:
  14. very beautiful! congrats on a great EB!
  15. Congrats! The EB is such a pretty color.