This little baby...

  1. Packs a helluva lot of punch!!

    Thanks so much to Jill for helping me locate my new beauty.:tender:
    and our very own PFer DJO/aka Saks SA Damian at Bala Cynwyd for being the absolute BEST to do a phone order with. :yes:

    She's even more gorgeous in person and I was pleasantly surprised at the size! Everytime I hear "clutch" I think
    "lipstick and cell phone"

    In this baby, I managed to fit:
    My son's Nintendo DS AND my Cell phone AND my camera
    a ziploc of baby wipes
    a ziploc with a change of underpants (for my 3-year old, not me :p)

    Her first outing was to a casual birthday party.
    Yup, I don't have a clutch life as a SAHM, BUT the caviar is casual enough where it EASILY functions as a cute "to-go" bag when you don't have all that much to carry around.
    It actually holds MORE than my medium flap!!
    i.e. I didn't feel like I was overstuffing all of the above.

    Without further ado:

    Here's a size reference. I'm 5'3
    p.s. My entire wardrobe in the fall is beige and black with blue jeans. This is the perfect pop of color against otherwise very BLAH outfits.

    Look! My key cles and keys were in there too!!

    So there is my review for anyone on the fence about this.
    GET IT.
    It's one of those few bags left under the $1K mark and definately bang for your buck.
  2. this is the timeless clutch?
  3. LOVE , LOVE, LOVE it!!!

    There's little grey boxes. . . I'm assuming they're supposed to be photos?
    I can't see them :sad:
  4. :yes:
  5. My fav.color,gorgeous!! Congrats!!:tup:
  6. The site must be acting up.
    Here ya go:



    IMG_1518.jpg IMG_1520.jpg Picture-022.jpg
  7. Gorgeous. congrats. Love that color.
  8. GORGEOUS stratsey!!!! WOW. I wish it had a chain though! I'm not so good with hand held bags. Is it difficult to carry? Honest opinion now!
  9. Nice to see you in the Chanel forum! :devil:

    It's comfortable. I want it in black now too :supacool:
    I love my flap, but I actually tend to carry it more in my hand since it always slips into the crook of my arm and leaves dents :push:
  10. Very pretty, and loving the color.
  11. Gorgeous! It looks beautiful on you! Glad to hear you carry extra undies for the wee one! :smile: but what do you do with the soiled ones? I can't imagine they go in your Chanel????
  12. I my love for Balenciaga, I want every Chanel in every color (sigh).

    Your pictures are so convincing. This clutch is so beautiful...the price so very tempting...and I AM looking for an evening Good lord, I'm done for. :noggin:

  13. It's beautiful.I love it.
  14. It looks fantastic on you! And such a great colour!!!
  15. IRL, I was very surprised at the size also. Thoughtful of you to post pics of what it holds. Thanks and congrats!