This listing looks a bit dodgy...

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  1. I was doing a random search for chanel earrings earlier and look what I found!!! The seller from the first auction OBVIOUSLY stole pics from the second auction. Is it me or does it look a tad bit off to you girls? :hysteric:

    How sneaky...

    eBay: Guaranteed Authentic Chanel Logo CC Earrings (item 290044024787 end time Nov-02-06 14:10:08 PST)

    This is the original listing...

    eBay: Guaranteed Authentic Chanel Logo CC Earrings White 1 SZ (item 180042826712 end time Oct-31-06 13:27:43 PST)
  2. definitely a stolen auction:yucky:
    I thought maybe it as the same seller w/ different ID's since they both referenced Juicy in their name, but I don't know.
    You should ASQ the original lister.
  3. Yeah I did! I nearly placed a bid on the fake auction! PHEW!!! Anyway how much do these earrings retail for? :love:
  4. are they fake?
    I thought the pics were just stolen{?}
  5. I'm not sure but I'm planning to get them from the actual boutique. eBay scares me way tooooooo much.
  6. This is why I try to watermark all of my auctions pics. I've even had people "borrow" my original pics of inexpensive items.:cursing:

    The earrings in the original auction are authentic. You should be able to find these at most Chanel boutiques. I think they retail for about $215.
  7. I got the impression it was just the images that were stolen. Not everyone has access to a digital camera and some people are very lazy about taking their own pictures, for some reason.

    Nevertheless, for the asking price of this auction, you may as well purchase the earrings at a Boutique and not have to worry about them being a fake. I don't think they're that hard to find.
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