This just made my day!

  1. Has the keepall 45 always been $855? I have been saving up to buy it for my birthday at the end of August and I thought it was $1090 for some reason. :wlae:
  2. Well, that was a nice surprise! So, are you going to get it now?
  3. Maybe you were looking at another keepall?
  4. Yes! :biggrin: I don't think I need the shoulder strap, it's not that big so I don't think it will be that heavy.
  5. I think I was looking at it with the shoulder strap, I didn't know it was available without.
  6. I think the price you thought it was would include the strap...
  7. what a great surprise!!! I'm happy for you!
  8. Lol that is lovely.
  9. glad for you...normally, it's sticker shock for me.....
  10. I think the one with shoulder strap cost $1090.
  11. Isn't that fun when that happens :smile:
  12. HAHA, that is exciting! You were proably thinking w/ strap! oh well! not its going to be even better haha
  13. That is good nows - now you can grab one even sooner.:nuts:
  14. It is $1090 with a strap! With out the strap it costs less!