This Just In!

  1. This just in! My 07 Steel First!!! I ordered it from Diabro early last week and it just made it way to my door (with me following the tracking each step of the way :smile: ). After handing over a small bit of cash for customs, it was MINE!! This is my first First. I love the colour of the leather ... a beautiful dark smokey grey which I think will be very versatile. The bag is just big enough for my wallet, makeup case and cell phone with a little bit of wiggle room. I think my preference is still the Twiggy size, and I will probably buy another Twiggy down the road (I'm really eager to see the pink that is supposed to be coming for 08).

    Here are some photos ... one thing I noticed is how different the colour looks in different lighting. Some of my photos made it seem almost silver and others almost black ... the photos here I think are the most true to its real colour.

    So ... presenting ... 07 Steel First!


    first_1.jpg first_2.jpg
  2. Very very nice!!! Steel is a very sophisticated color. Congrats!
  3. Beautiful! Congrats!
  4. Wow, I love the color. It's gorgeous!!
  5. Love the color and the first size... CONGRATS and ENJOY HER :smile:
  6. :huh:Oh.. one of my fav colors... conGrats!!! shes a beauty!
  7. Wow, she's so pretty, congrats.
  8. Gorgeous!!!!!!!

    This color is starting to grow on me....:heart:
  9. Congrats!! I'm lovin' Steel. It's on my top 3 hit list!
  10. congrats!
  11. OMG what goooooorgeous leather! :drool::wlae: I'm really loving Steel :love: - and it's such a fresh alternative to black in the classique size!
  12. The leather on that bag is incredible! It is gorgeous! Congratulations!
  13. beautiful-enjoy the bag!
  14. Wow, that's gorgeous. And the leather looks super yummy! I think you've just pushed me over the edge to get a steel.
  15. Gorgeous bag, luv it!!