This just Bloomingdales...

  1. My SA sent me an email on Monday to let me know that Bloomingdales will be having their 15% off Insider Sale 10/11-10/14 when you purchase on your Bloomingdales charge card, as well as double points. If someone posted about this already...sorry for the repeat. Happy shopping ladies!:yahoo:
  2. hmm, do bags count?
  3. Yeah, I'd be surprised if designer items were included in this sale.
  4. Last week or so, I bought some sweaters at Bloomingdale's private sale and they gave me all these $15.00 off coupons to use in the next few days. Seriously, they weren't worth the paper they were printed on. One entire side of the coupon had a list of exclusions so I don't think ANYTHING in the entire store was elligible to use them on.
    :cursing: Why do they even bother?
  5. I agree with you Aimee3, I can't stand when Macy's does that. I sent an email to my SA to see if Chanel/designer will be included...fingers crossed.
  6. If I open a new Bloomies account, will I get 10% PLUS 15% PLUS double points?
  7. Sorry, I am not sure about that.
    However I did receive a reply from my SA in regards to what is included in the Insider Sale. It is as follows:

    The following brands are excluded:
    Jimmy Choo
    Marc Jacobs
    Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Tory Burch

    So basically it includes:
    Lambertson Truex
    Michael Kors
    Michael by Michael Kors
    Cole Haan
    Kate Spade
    Juicy Couture
    Bottega Veneta
    Stuart Weitzman
    Pauric Sweeney
    Zac Posen
    Lauren Merkin

    Hope this helps.

  8. thanks for the info
  9. Thanks for letting us know. Well, at least there won't be a stampede to Bloomingdales!
  10. figures...all the good stuff are excluded. ugh!
  11. how about louis vuitton? anybody know?
  12. excluded for sure
  13. I ordered some things today and I received an additional 15% off my entire order. It's called the Insider Sale and you must use your Bloomie's CC. I don't think it will include Chanel or LV or other high-end designers, but I did get 15% off a Burberry shirt and Lacoste sweaters.
  14. wait for the bloomingdale's friend and family event then. it gives 20% back as gift card when u purchase a chanel bag...
  15. This is fantastic! Thanks!