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  1. I was just talking to my SA at Saks Bala Cynwood yesterday..apparently they are dropping the MJ line but keeping the MBMJ line..they aren't getting anymore MJ bags in..just selling off what they have now...I am NOT sure if this is a nationwide Saks thing...I was very bummed to hear this..Does anyone know if ALL Saks are dropping MJ?

    DON"T PANIC LOL!! I will have to rely on other members here for other SA's if I want a particular item be prepared for pm's!!!:nuts:
  2. it sounds like mj wasn't selling well at your local Saks. the company is not doing very well right now, and they're is taking drastic measures to cut costs and save money where they can to prevent having to file for chapter 11. the flagship saks here in nyc is still carrying mj and pretty much all other designers it did before their financial woes began. so if you need help finding something, i'm here for you and i have the name of a wonderful sa ready. i am here to enable, emmy. :P
  3. That is too bad. I have noticed a lot of dept. stores cutting back on some of the lines that they have carried in the past. I really hope that most stores don't cut back on the MJ. I love having the option of a dept. store, rather than having to purchase directly from the boutique.
  4. ^YEAH me too! I looked at that store as my "one stop shopping'..They are dropping Miu Miu too..ugh...oh and THANX tadpolenyc...hehehe I will use u as my enabler lol! Now if MJ will just make something I like..I'm still a loyal fan but haven't bought anything new in a year..I'm still in love with the big-fat-gaudy-screamin' -MJ-in-your-face-shiny-silver push locks!!!
  5. wow, they dropped what i think are two of the best handbag lines. badly played, store. badly played.
  6. omg...the saks here barely carries any MJ bags as it it really wouldn't surprise me if the dropped them....booooooooo, guess there is always Neimans and the boutique....
  7. nordstrom too.
  8. ^K our nordies doesn't carry MJ here...just MBMJ!!!!
  9. The Vegas store doesn't carry MJ? That is surprising. You'd think that they would. Well, at least you have all those other stores that carry MJ. I bought my first MJ in Vegas.....memories.
  10. thanks for the heads up emmy!

    good to see you again! :heart:
  11. ow, I hope the MJ line is still doing ok, I would hate to see it go, my heart breaks just thinking of htis
  12. i'm sure it's fine. the Q4 reports from lvmh showed that lv and mj were one of the few brands that showed a profit and exceeded earnings expectations. it seems smaller saks are getting rid of brands that just didn't sell well last year, but all the flagship stores in the major city would never. mj sells very well in nyc.
  13. ^ Yeah that's what I figured..the smaller Saks will only carry the lines that sell well in their area adn the larger ones will keep them all..It still sucks though..
  14. Nordstrom does the same thing. I know the Santa Barbara store only carries MBMJ, because I went there hoping to see some collection bags and nothing. They didn't have a designer bag section.
  15. My Neiman's stopped carrying MJ a few months ago. They don't carry MbMJ either. I hope my Saks doesn't do the same. It's the only department store left in my city that carries the collection bags. :s