This just in.....BV Reference Library!!!!!

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  1. OK, guys and is here! Today Vlad created the subforums and I filled them with the threads I worked on a month or so ago. This will be a great tool for us. Yippppeeee!!!!

    There are just a few things I need to point out:

    1. Please reply to threads created and DO NOT create new threads in this forum. Vlad will be closing the subforums to new threads and we don't want him to have to clean up extra stuff.
    2. Whenever we need new threads because of some new popular styles, etc, please pm me. I will add them to the library. It is a work in progress, but thanks to your help, we have a great start.
    3. We want this library to be streamlined. That is why there is a no chatter rule. As tempted as you are to comment on a picture, please instead start a new thread in the regular BV forum for that.
    4. Please post as much information/detail about your entry. I know there are times when we just do not know all of the info, just do your best. Do not post the price unless you are completely comfortable with revealing that info to the world.
    5. If two or more categories pertain, please post the pic in all areas. For example an ebano Montaigne would go in both the Montaigne thread and the brown color thread.
    6. If two people have the same style or color bag, please everyone post. It is good to have more than one pic for a reference.
    7. Most of all, have fun with this!

    I better get posting now. :tup:
  2. :yahoo:Yaay, jburgh!! It's here!! Thank you so much for your initiative and a huge thanks to Vlad too!!:woohoo:
    Gotta gather my pics to contribute!!
  3. I'm trying to measure my bags, too. I asked for inches, but metric is fine too. We can always convert (2.54 cm = 1 inch). And I also posted the first line of the tag ID because I am not so sure of the types of leather.
  4. Awesome, thank you for the hard work. :smile:
  5. jburgh, you are our hero! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :flowers:
  6. :tup:Jburgh-- You are the reference QUEEN!! First Choo now Bottega-- you are on a roll. :wlae:
  7. We owe you a huge thank you! Be patient with us--I may post in the wrong place, because this is new for the BV subforum. It's a great step forward.
  8. If anyone has any questions about what goes where, please ask in this thread. I will check it periodically for questions.

    The library is a work in process. If we get new styles that turn out to be popular, we can create another thread and Vlad can move a post from the misc category to a new one.
  9. Great work ~ I appreciate your energy and enthusiasm!

    Call me paranoid though, but I'm wary of putting too much detailed info in one place as it may end up benefiting counterfeiters most. I might post pics someday but I doubt I would post all info asked in the thread starters... :shrugs:
  10. Point well taken!
  11. *trotting off to photograph the bv babies*
  12. jburgh, thank you! You've invested a lot of time in this.
  13. thank you...thank you...thank are a sweetheart jburgh! :heart::heart::heart:
  14. Thank you jburgh, although looking at what's required for each post makes me realize that I'm lacking information on my own items. Is there a procedure for correcting posts if you got something wrong, for instance if you say your bag was from one season and later realize it was actually from another?
  15. hovercraftier - Thanks for asking this. You only have the 15 minutes to edit. We don't want to burden the mods with deleting posts. But I have an idea. I will start a new thread called "help me before I add this to the reference library." I see I already have question marks in some of my entries and could use that kind of help. Will this work for you?